Imported Food Products

As JMC Group of Companies we provide a 24/7 service encompassing all Europe and middleast region.
Our target clients are , Goverments,Army,Whole sellers,Disturbitors,ShipOwners,Food Exporters or Importers.
Having one of the largest food warehouses (5,600m2) in Turkey,we are able to provide competitive prices to our clients in turkey or worldwide.
The majority of the stock in the warehouse is supplied by one of the largest producers in the world .
Local products are as competitively priced as imported items. The fact that local items are first exported to our warehouse in dedicated Free Zone; reduces the cost because they are tax free.
Moreover purchasing in large quantities enables us to provide more convenient and competitively priced supplies to the clients worldwide.
Our stores stock large quantities of a variety of frequently purchased items, ready to be shipped. The country-wide service network formed offers excellent and quick service in whole countries.
The catering operational team consists of 45 skilled personnel (warehouse = 10 staff / operation = 13 staff / sales and marketing = 5 staff / professional food engineers = 5 staff / drivers = 12)

Our main warehouse in istanbul consists of a total area of 5,600m2 :
A) Climate controlled storage area – 2,250m2
B) Frozen food storage area – 2,250m2
C) Warehouse administration building and vehicle allotment area – 1,100m2
D) 80% of our food products are resourced from The Netherlands – Germany – UK – Spain – Italy – USA – China – Japan – Philippines – India
E) We have a fleet of 12 Frigo Long Vehicles and Trucks.

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