Natural Spring Water

About Us :

Our company signed partnership with a Natural Spring Water producers in Turkey , which have the intact nature of Sapanca area that has the most beautiful water springs in our country. It gets through to our tables through all those mountains maintaining its purity.

Having a perfect concentration of minerals, Jmc Natural Spring Water is also on the top with its sustenance. It has a perfect value both as alimentative and drinking quality with its hardness degree of 2,2 (fr). It precedes its rivals in this sense..

Jmc Natural Spring Water is delivered to you by the safest way thanks to the 20 km distance between its spring and filling facility. It is filled in a filling facility with the highest technology in our country. It is produced with the highest hygiene quality possible from spring to filling facility and filling lines. Filling process is carried out with the highest standards without ruining any quality of natural spring water using filling machines with the latest technology of Italian companies. Jmc Natural Spring Water has the precedence of being one of the leading actors of the sector in terms of filling facility quality and investments.

Jmc Natural Spring Water succeeded in making contributions to water sector which has much rivalry with its high quality and presentation. It aims to raise awareness of other companies in the sector about “what to do” in subjects concerning community health. In the long-term period community and health will win. Reina brand has taken its first step of being a worldwide brand in healthy food sector with Jmc Natural Spring Water. Widening its product and brands portfolio, Jmc is getting prepared to meet its consumers with premium products in fast moving consumer goods sector.

Additionally, Jmc Natural Spring Water able/free to sell in bulk and White labelling according to clients requirments. We could export water in bulk with 50.000Mt with special Tanker vessels. According to clients needs , we can produce water in Glass bottles with clients designs with additional cost of raw material.

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